Meet Max Shipley, our latest recruit at Lefton's 


From selling newspapers to unique furniture, it’s safe to say new recruit Max has been on a retail journey of his own!

Max has been with Lefton’s for a few months now, learning the ropes from the best in the business.

Having run a newsagents in St Annes for 12 years, Max was enjoying a bit of personal time off when boss Richard Lefton offered him a position at the General Street store.

For the past three months, Max has been travelling the length and breadth of the UK visiting bed manufacturers and sofa suppliers to learn all there is about the products.

And with customer service at the forefront of the Lefton’s business, Max has been learning the trade from some of Lefton’s longest-serving staff.

“The only experience I used to have with sofas was sitting on them,” laughs Max, “I never knew there was so much that went into things like a mattress!

“It’s certainly been an education over the past few months but it’s great to be part of a team which is so passionate about their products. The staff have been great at teaching me all about the various products we sell here at Lefton’s.”


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