A new mattress is worth 40 winks


There are the regular check-ups we do without thinking twice, like an MOT for the car or a pre-winter inspection of the roof.

But how often do we stop to ensure a vital component linked to our health and wellbeing is as good as it could be?

A good night’s sleep is one of the kindest things we can give our body. It repairs our cells, rests our minds and prepares us for the day to come.

Unless we take steps to ensure the sleep we’re getting is as good as possible, we could be setting ourselves up for a less than peaceful night – and a tired out day.

With National Bed Month under way, it’s an ideal time to give your sleep situation an MOT.

Is your bed more than seven years old? The Sleep Council recommend we upgrade our bed every seven years to ensure a good night’s sleep. A bed frame and mattress work together, so both need to be up to the job.

Do you wake in the night feeling uncomfortable? Perhaps you should rethink your mattress. There are different types available these days, so it makes sense to seek expert advice. Lefton’s in General Street, Blackpool has 70 years’ experience and three floors of beds, so staff can easily guide shoppers towards the best mattress for them.

Do you nod off mid-afternoon? As we age, our sleep patterns change. Longer daytime naps may suggest that there are issues with your night time routine. Subtle changes like more outdoor exercise, fresh air and avoiding caffeine can help, but there may still be other underlying issues including an old or inappropriate bed.

Where was your last great night’s sleep? In a comfy hotel bed perhaps? If you slept better elsewhere than in your own bed, then it could be time for a change. Consider a larger bed so you won’t feel squashed. Being disturbed by a sleeping partner is one of the biggest sleep related complaints.

If your MOT suggests it’s time for a change, then shop carefully. It’s far better to see what you’re buying and speak to experts than click and buy something that might not be right.

Paul Thompson, General Manager of the Furniture and Bed Superstore, says many shoppers are realising the benefits of visiting a retail store to test products for themselves.

“We spend such a huge proportion of time sleeping, it’s only right and sensible to test a bed first rather than buying online.

“Our team encourage people to get on the bed and relax for more than just a couple of minutes. We want them to get a feel for the support and comfort each bed provides.

“With so many different brands, materials, fillings, spring counts and coverings, there is no one grading or comfort rating system that fits all.”

He adds:

“A good night’s sleep has such a huge and positive impact on your life, why chance it by buying something online?”

So don’t think twice about giving your bed an MOT and carefully consider this vital component of your health and wellbeing. You’ll find your life improves in many ways, be more rested, feel brighter, think clearer, increased vitality and so much more. Take the MOT today, you deserve a great night’s sleep every night!


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