Choosing the right bed to fall in love with


There are loads of guides on choosing and buying a bed out there on the internet. Some of them are complicated, some drawn out and other, well, just not helpful at all; sometime ago the team here at Lefton’s created our very own five minute guide to choosing the perfect bed.

Bed Types

First off before you get into buying a bed remember that you spend around a third of your life in it and most people don’t test a new bed out properly or buy off the web from a picture alone. Try try try really is the best thing you can do with beds and at Lefton’s our team are more than happy for you to test out the beds in store to make sure the bed is just right for you. We’ve got mattress protectors on all the beds, so take your time, relax and try them out. For the design conscious you may want to decide on the theme of your room first to narrow down the bed type and focus then on the options and quality levels in this category.


The Divan is still far and away the most popular choice of bed; essentially a divan is a base unit for mattresses that come with our without useful storage drawers. Often divans have a “sprung edge” or really a spring top that gives more flexible support for your mattress whilst those without springs “platform tops” give a much firm nights sleep, so you may want to balance the firmness of the divan with a suitable mattress. A branded base is always the better option as you are getting better quality from your base as well as the mattress you choose, but like all brands there is a range of quality levels depending on the features offered. Some larger retailers have been known to use branded mattresses atop cheap unbranded bases to keep the costs down but this is false economy for you, and we think is a little bit naughty.


An Ottoman is  similar to the divan in that these also have bases but instead of drawers the top can fully open to provide amazing storage capacity so prove to be a perfect choice for smaller rooms. So that you can easily lift up the top, they are fitted with a tension spring or hydraulic lift mechanism, and a great check is see how smooth this is, the smoother the  better as its easy to manage and more robust and with that level of quality your ottoman will last for many years. Do be aware of cheaper versions as it’s the mechanism that is often compromised in quality to keep the overall bed cost down and you don’t want to be breaking your back or fingers trying to prise open your bed storage!


Bedsteads or bed frames come in a huge range of styles and designs using materials like leather, suede, microfibre, wood, metals or a combination of all of them. Far more decorative than the traditional divan, a bedstead can really set the theme for your room. You need to be looking at the slats as these are key to a good frame. Ideally you want the slats to be sprung as this aids comfort and narrow gaps between the slats has less wear on the mattress than wider gaps which really reduce the life expectancy of a sprung mattress. Our knowledgeable staff are able to advise you on the best type of mattress for you and your bedstead.

Next you need to consider your mattresses but you’ll have to read the next blog posting for our top guide.


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