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Well folks, it’s March so that means it is National Bed Month, the special month long calendar focus on everything bed and sleep related from the Sleep Council. And thanks to them for this great 3 minute film for you all about choosing the best bed. Top tips to select a bed from a store where you can properly test it out. At Lefton’s we have mattress protectors on all our beds so you are more than welcome to come and test them all to work out which bed is for you. Take 5 or 10 minutes or more if you wish, lie down, relax and check it matches your requirements. You can lie down undisturbed by our team, unless you ask want some help of course, but either way you will certainly not be pressured by us. In store you will find beds for every budget, but given the amount of time you’re likely to be spending in bed you should aim for the best you can, although even our budget beds are still pretty good compared to others on the market.

We have all sizes of beds from divans with and without draws to bedframes made from wood, leather and metal, including a great selection of British made adjustable beds and some space saving storage beds, come in and see for yourself.




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